Avery & Blake's Journey

After only 26 weeks of pregnancy, identical twins Avery & Blake Goldman were born on November 27, 2009. Their premature arrival came 14 weeks early when Avery’s heart beat suddenly began to drop. Sadly, it was a traumatic start to life. Avery passed away at birth and Blake’s condition was critical weighing in at a mere 1.4 pounds.


Blake spent 175 days (6 ½ months) in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). He endured months on a ventilator and required several life-saving surgeries.

Unable to hold our own baby for the first eight weeks of life, we held vigil at his bedside and watched the remarkable team of people who cared for our son. This is where our desire to help families who go through this life altering experience was born.

There is no greater heartache than the loss of a child; the fear that each passing day takes him further away. This sorrow inspired us to create a fund in Avery’s name to help the most vulnerable of patients: our babies. Avery’s Special fund ensures that he will never be forgotten.

The fund was set up to honour Avery’s memory and pay tribute to the tireless staff that fought long and hard to save Blake. Our goal is simple: To provide the NICU with the tools, technology and support needed to continue saving the lives of premature infants.

To catch a glimpse of Avery and Blake’s Journey check out the video below.