Avery’s Fund

Mission Statement

To provide Mount Sinai’s NICU with the tools, technology and support needed to continue saving the lives of premature infants through financial generosity and volunteer commitment.

Avery’s Fund

Our loss inspired us to create a fund in Avery’s name to help the most vulnerable of patients: our babies. The fund was setup to honour Avery’s memory and pay tribute to the tireless staff that fought long and hard to save Blake. Avery’s Special fund ensures that he will never be forgotten.

How Your Donations Have Helpeddonate_btn

As a result of the funds raised from our 1st Annual Mother Daughter Tea, the hospital was able to purchase a new RetCam, a wide angle pediatric retinal imaging system useful for screening Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP). It is a highly sophisticated microscope and camera in one that takes images of the baby’s eyes.

Due to his early gestation and low birth weight, Blake developed ROP, a condition that can quickly lead to lifelong blindness.

Thanks to the highly skilled team of ophthalmologists and their RetCam, a key piece of equipment, Blake was diagnosed quickly and received laser eye surgery that saved his vision.

Approximately 300 babies are screened on a weekly basis for this abnormal eye development. The RetCam is essential to this screening process; it is a highly sophisticated microscope and camera in one that can be wheeled from isolette to isolette to view and photograph each baby’s eyes.

During the spring of 2010 Mount Sinai’s RetCam broke and was unable to be fixed. This left many neonates at risk for developing an undiagnosed case of ROP. The funds raised from our 1st Annual Mother Daughter Tea went towards the purchase of a new RetCam ensuring that premature infants receive the care they need and deserve.

Our goal is to ensure that all funds raised are donor directed by the Avery Goldman Fund towards the NICU’s most critical needs. Together, let’s provide Mount Sinai’s tiniest patients with life-changing results that give them the best chance for a healthy future, right from the start.

The parent experience in the NICU is very emotional, isolating and confusing. With few places to turn, parents have identified a need for additional support during their baby’s NICU experience. The funds raised through last year’s Tea will be used to create a dedicated support role for families. We are thrilled to support this important new initiative.